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Sweets Addiction: The Albus Dumbledore Community
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Livejournal has communities for every Harry Potter character and his dog, but sadly, there is not yet one dedicated solely to art and fic of all kinds of the most venerable (and potentially pervy) Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Who is this twinkly eyed wizard?

One of the oldest wizards we've encountered in the books, Albus has seen and done much in his life, and we believe there is definitely room in the HP fandom to explore the Headmaster's life (and loves!) He worked with Flamel, wrote a treatise on Dragon's Blood, taught Riddle, defeated Grindelwald, watched over the Marauders (and Snape!). Albus is head of the Order of the Phoenix and has been fighting the good fight against the forces of the Dark Lord Voldemort (or has he? Who knows what goes on behind those twinkly eyes... Remember what your mother told you, never accept candy from strange old men!)

And someone please tell me: how and when did Albus and Fawkes hook up? (And not just the kiddy-rated story they ran in the Prophet, WW's readers want to know if the bird is part of the package! After all, using the feather is kinky, the whole bird on the other hand... pervy Dumbledore, oh yeah!.)

The rules

Can I join? - Sure! The more the merrier. However, as we have to cover our arses, and there will be adult material posted to this community: you have to be over 18 to join.

What can I post? - Anything and everything related to Albus Dumbledore, be that art, fic, news, icons, you name it! If in doubt, ask one of your friendly mods. When posting art, fic, whatever, we ask that you adhere to the following:

  • Subject Line: Art/Fic: Title (Pairing) Rating (or something along those lines)

  • Header: Title, Author/Artist, Rating, Pairing, Warnings, Summary (and anything else that might be relevant/give your potential readers a clue)

  • Warnings: If in doubt, warn. While good fiction often surprises the readers, there are some surprises most readers will not want to encounter. So if there's non-con, character death, bestiality or anything else that needs warning, put it up there. And if you don't want to spoil the fic in the warnings, say that there is something to warn about, and that it can be found at the bottom of the post for the less adventurous readers. Common sense, people.

  • Put it under a lj-cut: Art, anything longer than a drabble, anything rated over R, Put it under a lj-cut.

  • You are welcome to post older work here (more than welcome!). As long as Albus is the main player, we would love to see it! All art and fics will be added and ordered in the comm's memories.

    As intimated above, this community is for all Dumbledore related fanfic and art: Gen, Het and Slash (hell, even femmeslash if you can somehow manage it. It's a magical world after all *g*). All ratings are welcome, so there will be NC-17 material on this community.

    If you have any questions, complaints or anything, you can turn to your friendly mods: srichard (srichard@livejournal.com) and ntamara (ntamara@livejournal.com). We're here to help, and spread the Dumbledore love.

    (and on the topic of Dumbledore love, why not check out drabbledore, the place to go for Dumbledore drabbles! Or for you Snapledore lovers out there: the ADxSS mailing list, The Snapledore Carnal Carnival and The Albus Dumbledore Severus Snape Buggering Bee)

    Disclaimer: Albus Dumbledore and everything/body else you recognise is property of JK Rowling (and a lot of other people). This community is just for fun, and makes no profit.